Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Openness

Our committment to continuously do better

In the Kildea lab we aspire to be a research group that is open, inclusive, and welcoming. And, we seek to ingrain these attributes into our research so that we can contribute to a better, more equal, and inclusive world. But, we acknowledge that there are systemic barriers that keep the world unequal and that we may be unconsciously contributing to them. Therefore, we are committed to continuously try to do better and we welcome suggestions on how we can improve.


We are committed to bringing new members into our lab in a way that is mindful of and tries to account for the systemic discrimination and disadvantage that exists in our society and in academic research. As such, our contact form asks questions that will help us to apply the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our selection processes. Please use the form when contacting John Kildea.

For open positions in the lab and access to the application form, please refer to the Opportunities page.


We recognize that some students may wish to volunteer their time in the Kildea lab. For example, undergraduate students may wish to contribute for free during summer months. However, we realize that volunteering is a privilege that requires sufficient financial means for self-support that is not available to all. As such, we do not accept volunteers unless applicants are self-funded via competitive scholarships or fellowships.

We encourage anyone interested in contributing to our lab’s research to check out our Opportunities page.

Open-source software

Our lab relies heavily on open-source software as the building blocks of all the computational tools that we create and use. We are indebted to the thousands of developers across the world who freely share their work. As a way to pay it forward, and in the hope that our research can likewise contribute to a better world, we are committed to releasing all our lab’s software under open-source licenses.

Open-access publications

The research of the Kildea lab is mainly funded by public granting agencies. Many of these require that our publications be provided under open access licenses. Regardless, we provide copies of all our manuscripts for free on our Publications page.