Software projects

A compendium of the software applications and packages produced by the Kildea lab

Opal lab software The Kildea lab is a powerhouse of software development for healthcare applications. As well as all the students and researchers in the lab, we have a team of more than 20 software development professionals, including a project manager, a DevSecOps manager, application support specialists, software architects, a data scientist, a HL7 specialist, a QA automation specialist, and front-end and backend developers. Below you can find information on some of our most important software applications and packages.

The Opal Patient Portal Platform

Opal is an award-winning comprehensive multi-institution patient portal platform that is used by almost 4,000 patients at the McGill University Health Centre. The technology behind Opal is the centrepiece data-sharing hub of the Quebec SmartCare Consortium project. Opal was named Quebec e-health solution of the year in 2019 and was awarded the 2019 Prix d’excellence–Coup de coeur des ministres (the highest accolade of Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services).

diCOMBINE - image point-annotation software

diCOMBINE is a 3D DICOM visualization and point annotation app.

NLP and machine learning for radiotherapy incident reporting

This is a Python program that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) in conjunction with supervised Machine Learning (ML) techniques to semi-automate the classification of radiotherapy incident reports.


paINDICATOR is a radiomics-based machine learning app for separating metastatic and healthy bones. paINDICATOR is using pyradiomics for radiomics feature extraction and sklearn for machine learning.


rtdsm is the first fully open-source software for radiotherapy dose-surface map generation and analysis.


TEXTOMICS is a python-based generalizable NLP tool for extracting physician-reported pain scores from patients’ consultation notes.

texTRACTOR - NLP annotation for clinical notes

texTRACTOR is a pain labeling web application for clinical notes developed in Python FLASK.


Neutron-Spectrometry is a repository of command-line applications to unfold data collected using a Nested Neutron Spectrometer (NNS), to generate plots of the resulting spectra, and other associated tasks.

Neutron Response Functions for a Gold Foil NNS

Neutron Response Functions for a Gold Foil NNS is a Monte-Carlo simulation application based on GEANT4 to generate the system response functions of a passive Nested Neutron Spectrometer (NNS) using gold foil.