Optical measurements of the phase diagrams of Langmuir monolayers of fatty acid, ester, and alcohol mixtures by Brewster-angle microscopy


Surface pressure–temperature phase diagrams have been determined by Brewster-angle microscopy for Langmuir monolayers of heneicosanoic acid with the esters methyl and ethyl heneicosanoate and octadecanoic acid with methyl, ethyl, and propyl octadecanoate. The behavior is similar to that found previously in mixtures of an acid and an alcohol. In each case with increasing ester concentration the L2/L′2 phase boundary moves toward lower pressure and higher temperature while the L2/Ov boundary moves toward lower pressure and lower temperature. The L′2 and Ov phases eventually merge and the boundary with the L2 phase moves to zero pressure. The phase diagram of eicosyl acetate is similar to that of the fatty acids. We attribute the variations in the diagrams to the extent of hydrogen bonding between the head group and the subphase.

In Journal of Chemical Physics
John Kildea
John Kildea
Assistant Professor of Medical Physics