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What’s happening in the Kildea lab

The Kildea lab at COMP 2022

The Kildea lab was well represented at the COMP 2022 meeting in Quebec City. We had two talks in the prestigious Young Investigators Symposium (Hossein Naseri and Kayla O’Sullivan-Steben), two of just ten students from across Canada. We also had four posters on the floor - by Haley Patrick, Felix Mathew, James Manalad and John Kildea. And, we were joined in Quebec by summer student Nicolas Desjardins-Proulx. Overall a great conference! We are looking forward to CARO-COMP in Montreal 2023!

Poster presentations at the COMP 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting in Quebec City

Haley M. Patrick, Felix Mathew, and James Manalad each presented a poster on their reearch projects and John Kildea presented a poster on the CodeX accelerator.

Presentations by Hossein Naseri and Kayla O'Sullivan-Steben in the Young Investigators Symposium at the COMP 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting in Quebec City

Hossein and Kayla were among 10 finalists from across Canada presenting their PhD research projects in the Young Investigators Symposium. Hossein presented his project on “Development and testing of an NLP and radiomics-based predictive model of pain for patients with thoracic spinal bone metastases”. Kayla presented her project on “Design and implementation of a prototype radiotherapy menu in a patient portal to reduce patient anxiety and facilitate data sharing”.

John Kildea interviewed on CJAD 800 Radio

John Kildea was interviewed by Tarah Schwartz on CJAD Radio and the Health Matters podcast about Opal and the benefits of giving patients access to their medical data.

Congratulations to Hossein Naseri and collaborators for their publication in Nature Scientific Reports!

This is Hossein’s second paper related to his PhD studies. It presents a novel method to distinguish between metastatic and healthy bone lesions through the use of radiomics and machine-learning applied to lesion-center-based geometric regions of interest.

Congratulations to former MSc students Felix Mathew and Chris Lund for officially graduating in-person from McGill University!

Two years delayed due to COVID but the MSc class of 2020 finally got to graduate in person. Pictured here are David Santiago Ayala Alvare (left) with Felix (centre) and Chris (right). Chris and Felix undertook their MSc projects in the Kildea lab working on the NICE research program.

Talk by John Kildea on the "Rich History and Bright Future of Medical Physics"

John provided an overview of some of the exciting events that shaped modern medical physics and provided a personal look into what the future holds in store for the field. Video available via the McGill Medical Physics Unit’s YouTube channel.

Congratulations to Hossein Naseri and Felix Mathew for receiving Doctoral Funding Awards from the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé!

Hossein and Felix join Haley Patrick who is already funded by the FRQS, bringing the total number of FRQS-funded students in the lab to three.

Congradulations to Anton Gladyr on graduating with an MSc degree from McGill University!

Anton graduate from McGill University with an MSc degree in Computer Science. Anton is now a software developer with the Opal Health Informatics Group.

Congradulations to James Manalad on graduating with an MSc degree from McGill University!

James graduated from the CAMPEP-accredited Medical Physics program at McGill University with an MSc degree in Medical Radiation Physics.