Stacey Beard

Stacey Beard

Full-Stack developer

Stacey Beard is a full-stack software developer on the O-HIG team. Her background is in the field of Software Engineering at McGill University. Initially joining the Opal team as a summer student in 2018, and the recipient of two NSERC USRA Student Research awards (2018, 2020), Stacey has since joined full-time and relies on many years of familiarity with the Opal system in her own work and to provide support to the rest of the team.

Over the years, Stacey has participated in several advancements of the Opal system to encompass new functionality and meet new patient needs. Among these, her main projects and areas of focus are:

  • The multi-institutional expansion of the Opal system (“All-in-One” project).

  • Caregiver support and functionality in Opal.

  • Automated building and deployment of the Opal app (CI/CD).

  • Regular maintenance of the Opal app and its supporting backend software (Opal listener).

  • Software refactoring
  • Code reuse and organization
  • Architecture and maintenance of complex systems
  • B.Sc. Honours Software Engineering - Internship Program, 2016-2021

    McGill University