Abbey Richer

Abbey Richer

MSc Students

Abbey is working towards earning a Master of Science Degree in Medical Radiation Physics at McGill University. During her time at McGill, Abbey will collaborate with Dr. John Kildea, as a member of his research team, with interests in Neutron-Induced Carcinogenic Effects (NICE). Abbey’s thesis project will use the Geant4 MC package to model the irradiation of human lymphoblastoid cells by neutrons at a Linac as well as neutron track-etch detectors (CR-39 film) to determine the neutron spectrum experienced by the cells.

During her undergraduate degree, Abbey had the privilege of working as a Physics Associate at XRCT Limited. This allowed her to perform and observe on-site measurements in x-ray and nuclear medicine departments throughout Canada, which has equipped her with some useful skills needed for a career in clinical Medical Physics

  • Neutron-induced carcinogenic effects
  • Monte Carlo simulation studies (Geant4, TOPAS)
  • Radiotherapy side effects
  • Cancer research
  • Track-etch detectors
  • B.Sc. Honours Medical Physics, Minor in Mathematics, 2019-2023

    University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada