In the Kildea Lab at the Research Institute of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) we are studying how ionizing radiation causes and cures cancer, and we are building person-centered software to power the learning healthcare system of tomorrow.

In our all lab’s activities, we aspire to uphold the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and openness.

Our research projects fall into three broad categories: (1) Neutron-Induced Carcinogenic Effects (NICE) projects, (2) Radiation Oncology Knowledge Sharing (ROKS) projects, and (3) Opal projects.

Opal is the award-winning patient portal that is developed and operated by the Opal Health Informatics Group (O-HIG) at the RI-MUHC. John Kildea is a co-founder of the O-HIG and he directs its research and innovation activities. Opal is powering the Quebec SmartCare Consortium in which John is the principal investigator.


Funding Partners

The research of the Kildea lab is made possible by the financial assistance of the following granting agencies and foundations.

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